What is RICAS?

Real-time intelligence crime analytics system is the unique intelligent system of visual criminal analysis. In RICAS the most advanced methods, models and techniques to analyze criminal information and find hidden patterns are used.

RICAS - Realtime intelligence crime analytics system

RICAS is the unique intelligent system of criminal data analysis, which brings together in one view-space the most advanced techniques and methods of criminal analysis and analytical research in real-time, which can significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of crime detection in hot pursuit and previously unsolved crimes.

• crime pattern analysis;
• general profile analysis;
• case analysis;
• comparative analysis;
• offender group analysis;
• specific profile analysis;
• the intelligence investigation analysis.
• Platform independent
• A comprehensive tool for analytical work
• Integration of internal databases with external data sources
• Creating custom data sources
• Collaboration of analysts
• Data mining
• Automatic detection and visualization of concentration zones of street crime
Analytical work in the system is carried out in an automated way. At the first stage after the request is submitted, specially developed algorithms perform a complex search, the results of which are displayed in text form and on the map, in a second step the operator in manual mode performs visualized data analysis and makes the final decision and any further lookups are defined by the system.
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